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Sorry, this top-level domain cannot be transferred to Hostinger at the moment.
Domain is locked and cannot be transferred. It may be called a "registrar lock", "registration lock", "transfer lock", "domain lock" or "lock".Seems like this domain is available for registry. Would you like to register it?Sorry, this domain is already hosted somewhere and it cannot be transferred.An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later.
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Control total sobre tus proyectos

This refers to everyone, no matter what hosting or domain provider you choose. Everything in one place simply makes it more efficient - complete control on all your services without missing a renewal date, ease of use with no multiple accounts and passwords and professional customer support with the answers you need. In any case, it is worth transferring your domain name to your Hostinger account.

Antes de transferir tu dominio, ten en cuenta lo siguiente:

  • It's been more than 60 days since the domain registration or last transfer.
  • Domain is not in Pending Delete or Redemption status.
  • You know domain's EPP code - the authorisation code that proves your ownership of the domain. You can get the EPP code from the current domain provider.
  • Whois privacy protection is disabled.

Es el momento, transfiere ahora.

Cuando tengas todo lo necesario, sigue estos simples pasos:

1Escribe el dominio que vas a transferir.

2Realiza la compra.

3Escribe el código EPP.

4Confirma la transferencia.

Afterwards check your email. You will receive a confirmation letter from your domain registry. Once confirmed, we will initiate the domain transfer immediately. The time it takes to complete the transfer varies depending on the domain extension. Usually, it takes no longer than 5 days.

We hope you've found useful piece of information here and domain transfer process is clearer to you now!

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